indulgent_el (indulgent_el) wrote in pale_riders,

New in town

I'm new here on this community and thought I'd say hello. I live in California. In the past I've lived in Oregon, Michigan, and Ohio. I'd like to move to Arizona one day, it's currently my favorite State in the Union.

I love Spaghetti Westerns and most especially those starring Clint Eastwood. Those movies have so much mood, so much weight. And young Clint Eastwood is about the sexiest man ever.

I'm a gun rights advocate, model for RKBA posters, and am active in my local chapter of the Libertarian party, though sometimes the Libs are a bit peacenik for me (not that I love war one bit, but my in-laws were kids in Austria under Hitler and likely would not be alive were it not for war). I don't shoot all that much myself - I dabble - but I think it's a human right and an honorable sport.

Happy week to all of you, and hello : )
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